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The Working Principle of the Wheat Flour Mills Machine

08 30 21

Nowadays, flour mills usually adopt advanced milling equipment and systematic processes to produce better quality wheat flour, and effectively reduce the construction cost of flour mills. The wheat flour mill helps to improve the quality of flour mills and the efficiency of flour processing. For those planning to open a flour mill, it is necessary to have a good understanding of the flour production process. As a flour milling plant supplier, I'd like to introduce it to you.

Steel Structure Wheat Flour Milling Plant

Steel Structure Wheat Flour Milling Plant

Purifying the Wheat

In the first stage, the wheat grains are thoroughly washed, which is to get rid of any foreign materials like the weed seeds, stones or dust particles or can damage the machines used. Before the grains arrive at the wheat milling machine, they are delivered to the facility, graded for their size, separated from metal debris, cleaned.

Then, the washed material is passed through an aspirator to suck clean any substance that is less in weight than the wheat grain and could have escaped the first cleaning stage.

What this means is that by the time the kernels arrive at the grinder, they are free of all inedible material and are of a desirable size.

Ground Wheat

Modern grinding devices are designed with a series of rollers that are spun by rotors. A wheat milling machine operates with these rollers just millimeters apart, allowing very little room for anything to pass unhindered. The rollers operate at different speeds and spin in opposite directions, pulling anything that passes through them with great force. Bulk grains are fed into these rollers, which make quick work of them. During operation, the grains are quickly crushed by the rollers, releasing the endosperm from the kernel interior.

Even though a wheat milling machine is pretty thorough, it won’t crush everything down into flour after just one pass. Most facilities will install several series of roller mills in succession to crush the material into smaller and smaller pieces.

Finishing Work

When the flour leaves the wheat milling machine, though, it is still not ready for consumption. White flour only consists of endosperm, so it can be sent along for purification and enrichment, but whole wheat flour requires the ground up bran and germ. Workers add these parts of the kernel back into the white flour, thereby creating a nutritious food. Then pack it. After packaging, it can be shipped to grocery stores and distributors across the country.

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