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Solutions to Common Problems of Small Flour Machinery

09 10 21

As a flour mills machines supplier, I will share it with you.

In some small and medium-sized food factories, the application frequency of small flour machinery is very high, so it is very important to do a good job in the maintenance of machinery and equipment to reduce the frequency of common failures of machinery and equipment.

Family Workshop Wheat Flour Milling Plant

Family Workshop Wheat Flour Milling Plant


Common Faults of Spiral Stirring Device

It is mostly due to the fact that the actual operation staff are not familiar with and unskilled, which causes too much material to be loaded, which leads to the deviation of the belt, which in turn causes obstacles. The solution is to improve the cognitive abilities of the staff concerned and operate them appropriately.


Common Faults of Flour Mill Grinding

If in the process of processing, it is found that the work efficiency is slowly decreasing, it should be inspected immediately, repairing the damaged grinding teeth, and maintaining the elasticity and tightness. If the temperature of the product processed by the whole wheat flour generator set is too high, adjust the grinding roller as much as possible.


Common Faults of Clearing Sieve

For example, the sieve frame shakes too much, the wheat is crushed too much, the gap between the tooth block and the sieve of the wheat threshing equipment is very small, and the round hole sieve is too large, all of which endanger the actual effect of the production and processing of goods. Relevant maintenance personnel should effectively carry out adjustments.


Common Faults of Electric Motors

Most of them are due to long-term operation, resulting in excessive temperature, and then causing damage. The relevant professional and technical personnel should pay attention to the effective allocation of production and processing plans. In addition, if the rolling bearing is not very good, such as low oil and dirty things, it will also cause this kind of situation. It needs to be dealt with according to the detailed situation.


Since the appearance of small and medium-sized wheat flour machines soon, they have been loved by everyone, and they are also a good assistant in the production and processing of wheat flour in various small and medium-sized wheat flour workshops at this stage. However, with the increase in application frequency, we found some common faults and minor problems more or less in the whole application process. Although it would not harm the application at that time, it would also harm the productivity, which requires the workers to pay great attention to it.

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