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What is the best way to clean wheat?

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Before the wheat grains are transferred into a flour mill, the grains need to free from any unwanted foreign particles. This requires grains to undergo various cleaning processes. After each cleaning process, the grains are checked and if necessary, the process is repeated again. wheat scourer is mainly used for clean wheat , brush will remove the soil , groin and wheat wool on the surface.

FDMW Wheat Scourer


The Purpose of Wheat Scouring

After screening, removing stones, winnowing and magnetic separation, most of the impurities mixed in the grains are cleared. But the dust, wheat hair, microorganism, worm eggs, mud and sand in the abdominal ditch of wheat, worm-eaten and bad wheat are still mixed in the wheat. Before flour milling or grinding, these impurities needed to be cleaned up by wheat scouring machine or wheat beater. Otherwise they will mix in the flour and affect the color, ash content and taste of the finished flour.


Principle Of Operation Of Wheat Scourer

WHEAT SCOURER can be classified into horizontal and vertical according to different installation ways of scouring board and sieve cylinder. It can also be divided into single and multiple according to quantity of the sieve chest. 

The wheat scourer is commonly composed of high rotary speed scouring device and static cylinder. The scouring device is composed of different shapes of knocking board and pins which should be installed with operation cylinder to form a stable scouring area. The cylinder is composed of rough sieve drum or sieve plate.

Impurities on the surface of the wheat can be shaken off by scouring and knocking. The wheat scourer presses the wheat which rubs each other to get off some pollutants. Materials in the working area move in spiral motion along the sieve cylinder by push of the scouring plate, leading to repeated cleaning processes.

The faster the line speed of the scouring plate, the quicker the relative velocity of it between the wheat.  Line speed of the scouring board is the key for the knocking force. The wheat scourer will realized cleaning effect only when the scouring board reached to some line speed.

During the flour milling process, the wheat scourer needs to choose proper scouring strength according to durability of the wheat and impurity on the surface.