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Nutritional Corn Flour Mill

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What is the nutritional value of corn flour?

 Nutrient-rich cornstarch is a great source of iron, which is essential for building blood tissue. It also contains high amounts of proteins used to build body tissues.


The corn mill produces nutritional corn flour, which is lightly screened and has many health benefits for families, schools and other institutional customers. Nutritional corn flour contains essential oils and vitamins with antioxidant properties, but no cholesterol. Antioxidants neutralize the effects of harmful free radicals that cause diseases such as cancer.


Nutritional corn flour contains small amounts of germ and bran, an essential coarse grain that aids in digestion. The high fiber content protects against constipation and colorectal cancer.


Nutritious cornmeal contains thiamin, which is necessary for memory, cognitive function and neurological health, and pantothenic acid, which is essential for energy as it relates to carbohydrate, protein and lipid metabolism. It also contains folic acid, an essential requirement, especially during pregnancy; phosphorus, which maintains normal growth, kidney function and bone health; and magnesium, which partially regulates heart rate. Nutrient-rich corn flour helps the body lower LDL cholesterol and prevent heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.


We offer a complete line of equipment for corn milling.

The installed capacity for cleaning grain is up to 2.5 metric tons per hour. The machines for cleaning equipment are usually placed before heavy hammer or scraper mills, such as hammer mills, roller mills, germ removers, etc. Our corn mills provide fine and coarse textured grit. The fine grit size is 0.3-0.4 mm; and the coarse grit size is 0.6-0.8 mm. It can process up to 5 metric tons of grit per week and can double the capacity to meet the needs of larger customers.

Corn Flour Mill 

How does the Corn Flour Mill work?

The corn flour mill is a complete production line including cleaning, de-flouring, milling and packaging.

1. Corn cleaning system.

In the cleaning system, corn cleaning machine, thresher and magnetic separator are used to remove impurities such as stones, dust, straw, etc. to get clean raw materials. The clean raw material is conveyed by bucket elevator to moisture-proofers.

2. Conditioning system.

Moisture damper: The damper is used to control the moisture in the cleaning corn process. When using this machine, the moisture of the supply can be stable and well proportioned. The corn enters the damper through the inlet at the front end. Water is sprayed into the corn near the inlet. Together with the separately added water, the corn is transferred from the end to the top of the machine by the mixing blades as the rotor rotation system achieves intensive intermixing and water penetration. The thoroughly wetted corn is discharged from the machine outlet.

3. Defatting system.

After wetting, the kernels sleep in the intermediate state for 2-3 hours, the germ and epidermis will absorb enough water, the endosperm does not absorb water, and it is easier to separate the epidermis and germ from the endosperm with the skimmer. The defatting machine with Japanese technology achieves the separation of endosperm and corn husk and germ, ensuring that pure corn meal, corn meal and low-fat corn grits can be obtained. After the separation of corn germ, skin and corn endosperm, corn endosperm is conveyed to the roller mill and corn germ and skin are used for animal feed.

4. Grinding system.

Different capacity of corn flour mills use different capacity of roller mills, the roller mills are the same. The mill is one of the most important machines in the whole processing line, mainly used for grinding. It crushes the large size of corn endosperm into small size. According to the market needs of customers, it can grind corn flour, corn meal, corn grits, etc.

5. Sieving system.

There are many layers of sieving machine, each layer has sieves, the sieves have different mesh, according to the customer's market needs you can adjust the sieves to produce the most suitable end product for the market. The screening efficiency is high and the mix proves to get reliable operation, making it a perfect classifier. It can classify the material from crushing, reducing and scraping system and sieve the corn flour suitable for the market needs.

6. Packing system.

Simple operation, high efficiency, automatic packing pp woven bag, plastic bag.    

Pingle's corn flour machines are sold well in many countries such as Zamibia, India, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria.Come and contact us to start your flour mill project!