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What are the Measures to Maintain the Stable Production of Wheat Flour Machinery?

07 27 21

Only stable production of wheat flour machinery can enable manufacturers to obtain more profits. However, if wheat flour machinery is to maintain stable production, it will be affected by many factors. Therefore, users need to take some preventive measures to ensure the orderly production of wheat flour. So what are the specific measures? As a Wheat Flour Mill Plant, share it with everyone.

Wheat Flour Mill Plant

Wheat Flour Mill Plant

Properly purchase raw grains: In the summer season of high temperature and humidity, wheat is prone to agglomeration, mold, and insects. When purchasing wheat, strictly control moldy grains, sprouting grains, insect-infested grains, and heterogeneous grains. The ratio of grains and grains is very important to keep the raw grains well.

The complete set of flour machinery equipment should be equipped with advanced cleaning equipment and flour milling technology: the cleaning technology must have wheat matching technology, improve the flour milling technology, strengthen the flour cleaning and purification, and improve the precision of the heart grinding materials. The flour milling process must have a set of medium and long flour roads. The advanced flour milling technology of light research and subdivision can adjust the density of flour sieve in time.

Reasonable adjustment of the time for dampening the wheat: Reasonable watering and dampening are the key factors to stabilize flour production. After the temperature drops, the water absorption speed of wheat will obviously slow down. Therefore, the tempering time should be extended appropriately. In the severe cold winter season in northern my country, you can consider using hot water to moisturize the wheat, which can shorten the moistening time and improve the quality of the moistening wheat.

Pay attention to the selection of flour additives: Although the amount of flour additives used in flour is small, it has a great impact on the quality of flour. Therefore, flour enterprises should not only pay attention to the selection of high-quality flour additives, but also strengthen the use and management of flour additives to stabilize production. Our company also has Wheat Flour Mill Plant on sale, welcome to contact us.