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Flour Machinery Manufacturers Tell you the Storage Conditions of Flour

07 27 21

With the flourishing market of flour processing, more and more people are beginning to join in. However, due to the influence of various conditions, there are more users who choose to invest in small flour machinery, but also due to some reasons, it is necessary to store flour. But after all, flour is imported food, and its hygiene and safety requirements are very high. How should it be stored correctly? As a Wheat Flour Plant, share it with everyone.

Wheat Milling Equipment

Wheat Milling Equipment

1) Clean environment: A clean environment can reduce the breeding of pests and the reproduction of microorganisms, thereby reducing the chance of contamination of flour.

2) Regular cleaning: reduce the breeding of pests and rodents, thereby reducing the chance of contamination of flour and damage to packaging.

3) Appropriate temperature: The storage temperature of flour processing equipment will affect the maturation time of flour. The higher the temperature, the faster the maturation. But temperature also shortens the shelf life of flour. The ideal temperature for storing flour is 18℃-24℃.

4) Good ventilation: flour has a respiration effect, so air must be circulated so that the flour has air to be used.

5) No peculiar smell: Flour is a material that absorbs and stores odors in the air, so there should be no peculiar smell in the surrounding environment where the flour is stored.

6) Humidity and dryness: Flour will change its own moisture content according to the temperature and humidity of the environment. The higher the humidity, the higher the moisture content of the flour, and it is easy to agglomerate. The lower the humidity, the lower the moisture content of the flour. The ideal humidity is between 60% and 70%.

7) First-in, first-out: Ensure the stability of flour in flour processing equipment and reduce the expiration of flour caused by man-made.

8) Away from the wall and the ground: In order to have good ventilation, reduce moisture and reduce pest pollution, this is necessary.

The above is a summary of the requirements for the preservation of flour by the small flour machine manufacturer. In addition. Users also need to be flexible according to their own conditions and choose a storage method that suits them to better preserve the flour.

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