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Flour Mill Machine Price In Pakistan


10-300 tons per day automatic premium double roller wheat flour mill set for sale in pakistan

1. wheat flour mill with high production capacity but low energy.

2. Designed to produce wheat flour with high fineness, the flour mesh size ranges from 40~160.

3. Equipped with the best imported grinding heads and grinding rolls.

4. Automatic and micro-computer control. Easy operation and maintenance, small investment and fast results.

5. The simplest automatic feeding and continuous grinding, greatly reducing labor intensity.

6. Pneumatic conveying minimizes dust, improves the working environment of workers, and reduces the temperature of goods.

Pakistan's fertile land and water are its main natural resources. Pakistan has been growing wheat since ancient times and produces around 23.6 million tonnes of wheat annually. Wheat is mainly grown in Punjab. Pakistan is the eighth largest wheat producer in the world.

Wheat Flour Machine Cost and Price in Pakistan

The cost of a complete flour mill and the price of one flour machine varies depending on capacity. The higher the capacity, the higher the price. If one of our flour machines suits your needs, please contact us for a free, detailed quote!

Opportunities for flour milling industry in Pakistan

Pakistan is the largest country and wheat is a staple food for everyone for all intents and purposes. Wheat is grown on a large scale here. Pakistan's flour industry has responded to calls to destroy 50% of the approximately 25 million tonnes of wheat collected in Pakistan annually. Pakistan's flour industry produces around 180 million pieces of Pakistani flour, but in some years it also produces as much as 700,000 tons of flour for shipment to Afghanistan.

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5faf8f7caf26a.jpgMillet Wheat Flour Milling Machine Cereal Grinding Plant
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5fb46fb94df98.jpgSmall whole wheat flour roller milling machine

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