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Flour Making Machine for Vietnam


Vietnam is a major agricultural country, and wheat is one of the country's main food crops. Flour is one of the basic ingredients of Vietnamese people's daily diet, so the flour market is relatively important. Starting a flour business in Vietnam turned out to be a profitable direction. To produce high-quality flour and capture the entire market as quickly as possible, high-efficiency flour machinery is needed. PINGLE can help you

PINGLE not only provides single machine flour machines, but also provides small flour machine equipment (10TPD~30TPD) and complete flour machines (30-160TPD) for processing wheat, corn and cereals, etc. Relying on the support of an experienced technical team, ABC Machinery can always provide the best solutions with attractive costs to meet the requirements of different customers.

PINGLE Machinery can provide A2Z engineering services from demand consultation, solution design, equipment manufacturing, on-site installation, personnel training, maintenance and business extension concepts. Based on the information and data from the projects we have done, we have an in-depth understanding of different customers in different markets in different regions. Because of this, ABC Machinery has established win-win solutions with customers in Africa, South America, Southeast Asia and other places.

PINGLE has always adhered to the concept of technological innovation to better lead the development of customers' business. We have established an R&D center, a general product research institute, and a technology R&D center to ensure continuous innovation. We insist on standardized and universal project design to meet all your flour production needs with the best solutions, fastest speed and lowest cost.

Multi-story Wheat Flour Milling Plant (Machine)
Multi-story Steel Structure Wheat Flour Milling Plant/Machine
Steel Structure Wheat Flour Milling Plant
Compact Structure Wheat Flour Milling Plant
Family Workshop Wheat Flour Milling Plant
6TPD Wheat Flour Milling Machine
9TPD Wheat Flour Milling Machine
12TPD Wheat Flour Milling Machine
15TPD Wheat Flour Milling Machine
18TPD Wheat Flour Milling Machine