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What is the Structure of a Hammer Mill?

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Food and feed processing is a vast process that requires many different and complex pieces of equipment that have their own unique uses and offer their own unique advantages. One such important piece of processing equipment is the hammer mill.

Maize Flour Milling Machine with Hammer Crusher

Let's understand exactly what a hammer mill is and how it is used in food processing.

Feeding Mechanism of the Crushing Hammer

This implies the process by which the particles enter the crushing chamber. Depending on the design of the hammer mill, it may utilize gravity or a metering feed system.

Metering feed systems are common in applications where item consistency is important. They get rid of all possible variables that may cause irregularities in the yield items.

The best example is that we can use a pneumatic steering valve between the feed container and the milling chamber.

In a gravity feed system, the milling machine relies entirely on gravity. It is this force that helps to feed the particles into the crushing chamber.

Crushing Hammer Control Box

It is known as the brain of the hammer mill. It controls all the activities that take place in the plant. It also acts as the interface between the operator and the machine.

The control box is available in different designs and operating parameters. This panel allows you to control the speed at which the mill crushes the material.

The panel has a display box through which you can monitor the performance and operation of the hammer mill.

Crushing Hammer/Knife

These are the components that do the actual crushing of the material. The hammers rotate at a high speed of 2000 to 6000 rpm. The speed of rotation can be controlled through the control panel.

In general, these hammers are mounted on a horizontal axis and can rotate clockwise or counterclockwise. This may depend on the process of rotor rotation.

The rotor is a rotating shaft connected to an electric engine. Hammers come in a variety of styles and shapes.

Hammer mill tools can be connected directly to the engine or driven by a belt. The belt is not directly connected, but can protect the engine from dazzling and take into account the precise speed modification.

Hammer Mill Screen

After the pharmaceutical food or chemical material is crushed, the next step is to collect it and prepare it for the next stage of production. It will have to pass through the screen that will be filtered.

The size of the pulverized particles depends on the type of screen. These screens are systematically arranged to ensure that you get the desired size of particles.

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