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Pingle Celebrate its 29th Anniversary of Establishment

11 02 20

In October 10, 2020, Pingle group celebrated its 29th anniversary of establishment. Over the past 29 years, Pingle has developed into a diversified group enterprise with grain machinery engineering equipment manufacturing as its main business. Pingle sets up with:

Hebei Pingle Flour Machinery Group Co. Ltd.

Henan Luohe Penguin Flour Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

Beijing Flour Milling Research Institute.

Shijiazhuang Chichao Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd.  

Pingle Qifu Brewing Equipment Co., Ltd.

Ethiopia Ture Pingle Flour Industry PLC.

CPL Grain Processing & Storage (Tanzania) Co.

CPL Grain Processing & Storage (Chad) Co.

Pingle Grain Machinery (Kenya) Co.

Pingle Grain Machinery (Zambia) Co.

Pingle Grain Machinery (Brazil) Co.

With profession team, we can provide latest milling technology, high quality flour mill equipment and on time service. 

Pingle Celebrate its 29th Anniversary of  Establishment