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Opening a wheat seed processing plant would be lucrative in any regions since wheat is the main food for human beings. However, setting up a wheat flour mill factory of medium or large scale can be pretty high-cost. Taking below questions into consideration before going to produce wheat flour for sale to start the wheat flour milling business: 

● Supply of Raw Materials: Are there stable wheat seeds supplied at factory price?

● Efficient Flour Milling Equipment: Where to buy automatic or low cost wheat flour milling machines? How to select the manufacturers?

● Factory Setup: How much land is needed to build a complete factory for wheat flour production?

● Project Cost: How much does it cost to set up a medium or large scale wheat flour processing plant?

● Running Cost: How many labors it needed? What is the daily running expensed?


Setting up a wheat flour mill factory for the first time can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to make the budget for your wheat flour processing business plan.  Let's take a look at each of these factors. A closer look will help to understand just how much is needed to set up the wheat mill factory.

The flour mill plant PINGLE setted up

The flour mill plant PINGLE setted up


How to Make the Budget of Establishing a Complete Wheat Flour Mill?

For all of those who plan to invest in wheat mill or flour milling production, cost of setting up a flour mill is what they care about most in preliminary stage of the business plan. Pingle Group is here to tell you about the main factors that can affect the flour mill setup cost budget in details. If there are any questions about the construction of a flour mill, welcome get in touch with us! We are always glad to help you!


Firstly, Decide the Size of Your Flour Mill

As the very first step, you must finger out the approximate scale of wheat flour mill factory you want to invest, how big or how small? The investment amount, income amount, cost recovery cycle and time for the construction of the factory are all greatly related to the output of wheat flour production. 

Large Scale Flour Mills Plant

The entire equipment is durable, easy to operate and maintain, and has high productivity and powder extraction rate. Purchasing large-scale flour machinery can produce different grades of flour that can meet all international standards.

  •  150~300 ton/day Wheat Flour Mill

  •  300~1000 ton/day Wheat Flour Mill

PINGLE Large Scale Flour Mills

Small Scale Flour Mills Plant

The cleaning, milling, packaging and control processes of small automatic flour mills are highly automated and require almost no manual intervention as a whole. They are simple to operate, easy to maintain and take up little space. Mini automatic wheat flour mills are available in various sizes and capacities depending on your flour production requirements.

  •  30~60 ton/day Wheat Flour Mill

  •  60~150 ton/day Wheat Flour Mill

PINGLE Small Scale Flour Mills

Mini Wheat Flour Mill Plant

Mini automatic wheat flour mills are available in various sizes and capacities depending on your flour production requirements. Smaller versions can be used at home for small-scale production. Industrial flour mills have high production capacity and are suitable for large-scale production. Therefore, the small automatic wheat flour mill is "one machine for multiple purposes".

  •  10~30 ton/day Wheat Flour Mill

PINGLE Mini Wheat Flour Mill Plant


Cost of Raw Materials

To manufacture anything you need the raw materials. When it comes to a wheat milling plant, the important raw material is wheat. Cost of getting this raw material is largely affected by a number of factors. First one is quality of the wheat you're looking for. The prices of precious metals like gold can also influence the price of wheat. Stock market fluctuations, the rise and fall of currency exchange rate and the type of wheat (whether locally or internationally sourced) all play a major role in determining how much these raw materials go for. 


Cost of Equipments

How much to be spent on wheat milling machine for the factory is largely dependent on the type of machines required to run your wheat flour mill factory plant. The cost of setting up a wheat flour milling plant is mainly decided by the machine. If you're looking on the high side, you can find a grain milling machine that goes for as much as $1,400,000. But you need to know the production capacity you want for your factory before setting out to get equipments. 

Wheat cleaning equipment: Cleaning itself consists of several sub-processes like beating, screening, magnetic separation and dampening. These processes ensure that the grains are extremely clean before being ground into flour. (Related Equipment: Wheat Separator)

PINGLE Wheat cleaning equipment

Flour Grinding equipment: Next the grains are floured and passed through a sieve to remove large lumps of grains. These large grains are further processed by pneumatic flour mill ensuring all the grains are floured. This ensures higher efficiency and lesser wastage.

PINGLE flour milling equipment

Flour bagging equipment: Next comes the packing process and the mini automatic flour plant provides the flexibility of either having an automated or manual process. So based on the requirement and the machine capacity either manual or automatic flour bagging can be employed.

pingle flour bagging equipment

Controlling equipment: This small scale automatic flour plant is self-controlled and requires minimum labor involvement. It hardly requires any manual intervention for running of the flour plant.

pingle flour mill control system


Cost of Labor

In a wheat processing factory, you will need labor at different departments. They will help ensure production runs smoothly and effectively. But before you think of the cost of labor, think of how large your plant is going to be. Have you thought of how many workers you will need? Remember that the larger your factory, the more employees you will need. This is one major factor that determines how much labor will cost you. Another factor is the different skill level of the labor to be hired. To get the skilled employees with experience, you will need to pay more. Because you may need more unskilled labor than the skilled ones, you will have to pay more for these set of employees too. 

PINGLE Expert WITH customer labor discuss how WHEAT FLOUR MILL PLANT SETUP


Cost of Land

Purchasing land can be very technical because of the kind of commodity that it is — it is always appreciating. When you know the needed raw materials and how much labor required, you should set out to pick a site where you want to set up a wheat flour mill factory. Just like raw materials, the availability of land and its prices is influenced by a number of factors. ls the land in some part of town or are you getting one in the city? How much land will is needed? Will it be a few acres or hectares? Depending on the location, you can find land for as much as over $190,000. 


If you have any ideas about set up your own flour mill plant, please contact us freely!