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How to Reduce the Sand Content in the Raw Grain of Flour Machinery and Equipment?

06 17 21

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Flour mechanical equipment cleaning system needs to reduce the amount of sand in the material as the premise, otherwise the processed flour will be mixed with a lot of sand, which will affect the taste of food, which is also a problem that users are more worried about. So how can we reduce the sand content in the raw grain of the flour machinery and equipment?

Due to the lack of technical experience and funds in small factories, the processing of flour will be subject to various restrictions, whether it is cleaning or processing technology, there will be problems of one kind or another. Small enterprises cannot be compared with large enterprises. To solve the problem fundamentally, it needs to improve the technology and processing technology of the complete set of flour mill equipment.

Flour Mills Machine

Flour Mills Machine

In the purchase of raw grains, it is necessary to control the quality of the material content of wheat to avoid processing wheat with excessive minerals. Some minerals that are not easily removed are prohibited from entering the field to participate in the production.

The purchased wheat needs to be classified, and the mineral content of the wheat must be reduced during the processing of the complete set of flour machine equipment. The sand content of the matched wheat must be controlled under the standard. The processed flour standard must be combined with the Henan flour equipment manufacturer. Within the specified cleaning range, in order to achieve the purpose of reducing the sand content of flour.

During the processing of flour machinery and equipment, no improved products and additives can be added to the flour. Nowadays, people have higher standards of living. The pursuit of flour processing is quality and taste. While paying attention to quality, it must also have the taste of food. The processed quality products are all wheat flour with a natural yellow color, and the flour with additives added is bright white. Now the domestic ban on the use of additives, once discovered, the production was immediately suspended for investigation.

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