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Can Flour Machinery and Equipment Improve the comprehensive Utilization of Wheat?

02 25 21

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Due to the development of the flour machinery and equipment industry, the prospect of wheat processing is bright. Various grades of flour produced by flour machinery and equipment can meet the different pursuits of different food industries. At the same time, it has greatly improved the utilization value of wheat and fully demonstrated the various values of wheat.

The processing and comprehensive utilization of flour machinery and equipment can increase the comprehensive utilization rate of wheat, extend the wheat processing chain, expand the application range of wheat products, and increase the added value of wheat products.

Flour Mills Machine

Flour Mills Machine

In order to better promote the deep processing and comprehensive utilization of wheat and develop enterprises, the following aspects should be strengthened:

1. Develop new, energy-saving, highly automated product flour processing equipment and processes, and use innovative technologies to improve and enhance the technical equipment of wheat deep processing enterprises.

2. Improve the awareness of innovation, increase theoretical research, increase investment in basic theoretical research, improve research directions, and strive to make new progress in the theory of deep processing of wheat and the scope of product application.

3. In the construction of wheat processing, realize circular economy and waste utilization, and reduce environmental pollution of wheat deep processing industry in flour machinery and equipment.

The fineness of the flour machine is equipped with a high-precision self-dividing grading system. The fineness of the finished product is large, and the large particles can be strictly controlled. On the cantilever shaft of the flour mill, the main body, aperture and thread structure of the equipment are supported on the base on. It is a comprehensive equipment integrating flour milling, crushing, and feed processing. The structure of the flour machine is rigorous, simple and compact, which can make good use of the effective space. It can grind flour with 80-120 mesh. It is suitable for rural areas and feed processing.

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