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What is the difference between a large flour mill and a small flour mill?

12 08 21

As a large agricultural country, wheat has become the largest consumer product in China besides rice, and many small flour mills are flourishing throughout the country. Generally speaking, 10t/d small flour mill is already a small flour processing equipment.

So what is the difference between a large flour mill and a single small flour mill? Why do most investors choose to invest in a small single flour mill instead of investing in a large flour mill?


Small flour mill and large flour mill applications

With the deepening of mechanization, small flour mills have gradually replaced stone mills, so small flour mills are also mainly used in home workshops and other occasions. In these cases, the amount of flour processed is not very large, and the processing operation is simple enough to meet the demand for flour for household use. In the case where the demand for flour is relatively large, small flour milling machines are no longer applicable.

On the contrary, large flour mills are suitable for factories.

Wheat Flour Milling Plant

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The difference between a large flour mill and small flour mill

The biggest difference between a 10t/d small flour mill and a 500t/d large wheat flour mill is the processing speed. 5t/d small single-sided mill has lower power and relatively lower speed.

For example, for the wheat peeling process, which is basically the same as in large flour mills, it is determined by the mechanical peeling system. As the operating conditions of the peeling system are stable, the flour mill is opened again after smooth operation to prevent smooth peeling. Opening the inlet door can lead to damage to the peeling machine if the equipment is not running stably.

Among all flour mills, large flour machinery mills have huge equipment, large capacity, more comprehensive functions and the strongest processing capacity for wheat. The entire processing process is an assembly line process with no manual labor in between. This is why we can only see the results of wheat blending and final bagging using large wheat flour mills.

Although small flour mills are different from large flour mills in terms of low power and small processing capacity, they also have their own unique advantages. For example, a 5t/d small flour mill is smaller and more flexible than a large flour mill, and has more comprehensive capabilities in grain processing. Both wheat and soybeans have better processing capabilities. At the same time, the small flour mill also takes into account that the processing efficiency of the product is not low. Generally speaking, the daily flour output per unit time of a 5-ton small flour milling machine is not much less than that of a large flour mill.


Different flour mills have different prices

First of all, the higher the brand recognition of the manufacturer, the higher the price of its products. The reason for this is not only because their quality is more reliable and their production process is more mature, but also because they are branded products. Understand that in today's market environment, brands have a great competitive advantage and consumers are more willing to trust and buy brand name products.

In addition, compared to large flour equipment manufacturers and small manufacturers, due to limited technology and mature production process, the price of manufactured flour machines is relatively low and the structure will be relatively simple. It is difficult to meet some large-scale processing needs. For large equipment manufacturers, this problem basically does not exist. Consumers need to make a reasonable choice according to their needs when purchasing a flour mill.

In addition, the more efficient the manufacturer is in manufacturing the flour mill, the lower the cost of labor and time required, and the more reasonable the price, plus additional costs such as promotional costs and other costs. They will increase the difference between prices.


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