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How to Adjust the Fineness of Flour Milling Machinery?

01 29 21

The adjustment of the fineness of the flour milling machine is a technical problem. When the fineness of the flour machine is adjusted, it can produce very fine flour, but if the fineness of the flour machine is adjusted incorrectly, it will produce uneven flour. How to adjust the fineness of flour milling machinery? What should be paid attention to in the adjustment? As a Wheat Milling Machine , I would like to share with you.

Flour Mills Machine

Flour Mills Machine

Method 1: Adjust the blade along the axis

The blade can be adjusted to the left and right directions along the shaft, and the fineness becomes smaller when the inclined blade gets closer to the tapered surface. In addition, the increase in the test hood will decrease the fineness, and vice versa; reducing the number of wind blades in the host can also increase the fineness, generally reducing two to three of them. This method can also solve the phenomenon of powder spraying from the return nozzle.

Method 2: Unit of fineness

To adjust the milling fineness of a flour machine, we must understand that the unit of fineness is "mesh", and the "mesh" of a flour machine is between 30 and 500. We can adjust within this range, and the flour The output and fineness of the machine are affected by the density of the material, so the density of the material must be considered when adjusting the fineness.

Method 3: Adjuster control fineness

The air volume and the fineness are in an inversely related ratio, and when the air volume is too small, the return nozzle of the flour machine is easy to spray powdery substances. By adjusting the air volume, you can get the production fineness you want.

Method 4: Adjust the fineness analyzer

After the bolt on the fineness analyzer is loosened, adjust upward to increase the fineness, and adjust downward to decrease the fineness. After adjustment, fix the bolts. We can adjust the fineness according to the fineness analyzer.

As one of the agricultural development machinery, flour machinery plays an important role in the process of my country's grain processing. The technical level of flour machinery is directly related to the sustainable development of my country's agricultural development and the completion of the green process. Flour machinery is composed of coarse crushing, fine crushing, and pneumatic conveying. High abrasion resistance, which also increases output, flour machinery is of great significance to the development of agriculture.

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